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Musings of a Working Mum

Since becoming a Mum I’ve found working life hard. Really hard. Don’t get me wrong, I expected disruption and compromise but what I didn’t expect was the overwhelming feeling of guilt. Guilt I impose upon myself, I’m sure, but it’s constant. I'm pretty sure that the guilt that comes along with..

Learn to query SQL Server databases

I’m increasingly meeting people at data and tech community events who need to query SQL Server databases, but who don’t need to know how the database engine works, how to create databases – in fact how to do anything other than connect and retrieve data.  That can be a problem for some training..

Creating an environment where people love to work

As the HR Manager at Coeo I’m often asked what it takes to create a great environment where people love to work. This question is not as straightforward as sounds because we’re all unique and motivated by different things at different times in our careers. If we get married, buy a house, have..

Azure Winter Roundup

Hey all, I'm Richard and I've recently joined Coeo as a Cloud Consultant, working with Al Walderman. My background is largely System Center and Wintel but at Coeo, I'm here to focus on helping customers understand, adopt and develop with Microsoft Azure technologies.

What digital talent looks for

Coeo’s head of digital transformation recently attended a roundtable hosted by the DigiLeaders organisation about “What digital talent looks for” – an important insight about how hiring new staff is changing.

The Need to Continually Improve

At Coeo personal development is huge part of our ethos. Since I joined the company a little over 3 years ago now I have studied for, and passed 7 MCP exams, and these haven’t just been in SQL Server. We’re constantly encouraged to explore other areas that complement the work we do. In the last 3..

Choosing the right tool for the job

I was working with a client recently when an architect expressed disdain for a particular part of the SQL Server stack. In this particular case the architect had then chosen to roll-their-own solution which they felt was better. My intention is not to comment on their particular solution but it..

Staff Training Does Not Equal Staff Engagement

"Gallup reported in two large-scale studies in 2012 that only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work and a staggeringly low 13% worldwide are engaged. Worse, over the past 12 years, these low numbers have barely budged, meaning that the vast majority of employees worldwide are failing to develop..

Job Seeker Advice

There is a huge amount of advice available to job seekers, but I believe many candidates still play the numbers game in the hopes of being lucky if they fire off enough applications. If you really want a chance of getting beyond the "submitting CV" stage, then you have to be prepared to commit some..

Renewing your MCSE certification using the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft recently announced that you can renew your MCSE certification for SQL Server by taking free online Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) courses - and passing the end of module exams.  This new approach to renewal is currently available for both the MCSE data platform and business..

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