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Emma Zambonini

Emma has been working at Coeo in the Managed Services team since 2013. She is currently a Principal DBA and a Microsoft Certified Master and she has just completed a Data Science Master’s degree from the University of Dundee. Outside of work Emma is busy taking care of her young daughter and is a self-professed oenophile.

Recent Posts

Working with Technical Debt

As someone who has worked with many clients across many industries one of the common problems I see is companies who are finding it hard to juggle all the adhoc requests that come in to their data team. Report requests, data modifications, minor deployments, fixes or query performance tuning; no..

Public Speaking - My Favourite Nightmare

Speaking at events isn’t something that comes naturally to me and I think many people who work in the tech industry find computers easier to interact with than humans. Nevertheless, I think public speaking is a really worthwhile skill; whether to small groups or large conferences it’s important to..

Musings of a Working Mum

Since becoming a Mum I’ve found working life hard. Really hard. Don’t get me wrong, I expected disruption and compromise but what I didn’t expect was the overwhelming feeling of guilt. Guilt I impose upon myself, I’m sure, but it’s constant. I'm pretty sure that the guilt that comes along with..

Power BI Licensing & Deployment Options

Updated: December 2019

Licensing is confusing at the best of times, but even more so when the product is constantly in flux, improving and evolving. Coeo has recently been delivering more and more training on Power BI and common questions we get from delegates revolve around licensing and..

Azure SQL Data Warehouse vs SQL Database

Update February 2020: Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now part of the Azure Synapse analytics service.

Recently I was asked what the difference was between Azure SQL Database (SQLDB) and Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQLDW). If you connect to them both via Management Studio there doesn't seem to be much..

Removing Sensitive Data from a Database

The Problem

Making a Murderer

The DBA team here at Coeo have spent a fair amount of time over the last few months discussing and debating the Netflix series ‘Making a Murderer’. If you haven't seen it already, I thoroughly recommend it. It’s a documentary based on the conviction of an American man, Steven Avery, for murder and..

Ephemeral Port Exhaustion

During my years as a DBA I’ve come across ephemeral port exhaustion just a handful of times. It is rare enough that is not often considered, not widely understood and can cause extreme confusion when it does pop up. Understanding what port exhaustion is and why it can occur can make your job..

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