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Podcast: A Recap of SQLBits 2022

This episode of the Coeo podcast is hosted by Justin Langford along with our team: Victoria Holt, Jessica Healey and Niall Quinn. They discuss the concept of hybrid events, and we hear from the team, on their initial thoughts, expectations, and key takeaways.

The Business Value of Data with Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer, Microsoft

Despite being one of the greatest assets to modern companies, a common struggle businesses face is how to obtain value from their data. Join us, along with special guest Robin Sutara as we discuss everything from her relocation, her role as Chief Data Officer, and maximising the value of business..

Azure Digital Transformation podcast (with Michael Brehony from Microsoft)

The construction industry has seen some interesting use cases and case studies when it comes to the role of data. Michael Brehony, Azure Specialist – Data & AI at Microsoft, discusses sustainability as a focus area for these innovations, not just in construction but across many industries.

Podcast: Data in Financial Services and Insurance (with James Ryder)

The financial services industry - including insurance and asset management - is undergoing a shift towards seeing data as an asset and embracing cloud technology. The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for these changes as organisations have been forced to adapt to a new way of working.

Podcast: Managed Services for Data Platforms (with Kieran Sutherland)

Discover why migrating to a cloud platform comes with its own set of challenges and the considerations that companies need to make when selecting a managed services provider.Kieran Sutherland - Commercial Lead for Coeo's Dedicated Support Service - talks about the myths around cloud migration,..

Podcast: Simplifying Business Processes with Power Apps

Microsoft's Power Apps platform enables anyone to build and share low-code apps and is especially useful for automating simple business processes.Ben Edwards - a Data Platform Engineer at Coeo - explains how he used Power Apps to help a client save time and increase efficiency within their finance..

Podcast: Data Platform Modernisation (with Simon Osborne)

Coeo's Simon Osborne (Cloud, Data & AI Architect) explores the benefits of modern data platforms, how organisations can embark on their modernisation journey and the future of SQL Server as a Microsoft product.

Podcast: Azure Cognitive Services (with Jon Gurgul)

Azure Cognitive Services is Microsoft's family of AI services and cognitive APIs, designed to help developers build intelligent apps. These solutions try to mimic how the human mind thinks and works.Coeo Consultant Jon Gurgul explains the capabilities of these solutions and how we've used them to..

Podcast: Power BI Adoption and Data Governance (with Nick Anderton, M&G)

In the latest episode of the Coeo Conversations Podcast, we chat to M&G's Head of Data Services - Nick Anderton - about their approach to data governance, the challenges of data ownership in finance companies and their Power BI journey so far. 

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