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Podcast: Power BI Adoption and Data Governance (with Nick Anderton, M&G)

Jenny Williams

In the latest episode of the Coeo Conversations Podcast, we chat to M&G's Head of Data Services - Nick Anderton - about their approach to data governance, the challenges of data ownership in finance companies and their Power BI journey so far. 

M&G is an international savings and investment company who adopted Power BI after migrating to Azure. They are members of Microsoft's Power BI Customer Advisory Board.

"When we first started with Power BI, we had a traditional view of report building being done by technology, because that's what we were used to," said Nick. 

"We're now in a position where I would say about 99% of our Power BI usage is through self-serve."

Listen to the episode below or search "Coeo" or Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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