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Coeo and the Tech Talent Charter

Last year Coeo signed and became a prominent partner of the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) membership group, and we are proud to join this movement.

The TTC was founded in 2017, by organisations across the recruitment, tech and social enterprise fields and is supported by the UK government’s Digital..

Power BI Paginated Reports is now a Pro Feature

Microsoft recently announced that Power BI Paginated Reports is now available to users with a Pro licence. Previously, you required a Premium licence to take advantage of Paginated Reports in Power BI.

The two sides of innovation: Data and DevOps

Every organisation needs to be able to innovate to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Innovation simply put “is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services” (Wikipedia).

To innovate requires..

Domain-Independent Windows Failover Cluster for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group

This blog is part of Advanced Failover Cluster options series, which demonstrates and provides information for deploying ‘Domain-independent Windows Failover Cluster for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group’. You will find commonalities between the deployment of ‘Active Directory-Detached..

Building data governance into everyday processes

We are always looking for something new, something to spark that imagination and that is why we are continually diving into our past, in hopes to shed light on some new innovation. AI was one of those areas where there was a resurgence from the 1940 and 50s. This resulted in some outstanding leaps..

We're in Reading for Data Relay 2022

I’m extremely proud to share that Coeo are Gold sponsors at Data Relay 2022, at the Microsoft office in Reading, on Thursday 6th October. If you’ve not yet registered, there is still time to register – full details here.

Three ways to profile data with Azure Databricks

Data quality is an increasingly important part of generating successful and meaningful insights for data-driven businesses. At a basic level, missing data can lead to an incomplete picture of the business situation, leading to poor decisions and stakeholders asking "what did we miss?".

Parallelising Python on Spark: Options for concurrency with Pandas

I've recently been working on an internal project to predict future disk space usage for our customers across thousands of disks. Each disk is subject to its own usage patterns and this means we need a separate machine learning model for each disk which takes historical data to predict future usage..

Data Toboggan - Cool Runnings event

On Saturday 9th July 2022 the Data Toboggan - Cool Runnings event took place. This event was the 4th large conference since its inception in December 2020. Cool Runnings is the summer edition conference for Data Toboggan. The name was influenced by the film Cool Runnings about the Jamaican..

Learning fast: Starting small and iterating

As great as it would be, creating a data culture can’t happen in an instant. The greatest positive difference to your business will be achieved by building guardrails for data programmes, creating strategy and supporting this journey through data literacy initiatives. This can appear overwhelming,..

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