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Machine Learning for your business: fraud detection

Recently, we have started to get an overview how you: a person working in tech / business owner or just a person passionate about Data Science (there must be people interested for no obvious reason) can use Machine Learning tools in day-to-day business operations. 

Previously, we’ve discussed..

Azure Digital Transformation podcast (with Michael Brehony from Microsoft)

The construction industry has seen some interesting use cases and case studies when it comes to the role of data. Michael Brehony, Azure Specialist – Data & AI at Microsoft, discusses sustainability as a focus area for these innovations, not just in construction but across many industries.

Data Strategy: where are we and what is the answer to the ultimate question

Do we know where we are going? Have we asked the right questions? Without a roadmap, we will not arrive at our destination. The first step relies on discovering where we are, what we need to be successful and where we need to go. We need to create a roadmap to enable a path forward. With that..

Machine Learning for Your Business: Customer Churn

It is just statistics and computer science hiding behind a very charming name. Not sure about you, but I definitely feel like there is something very special about “machines” somehow “learning”. 

The Structured Joys of Objectives and Key Results

Coeo’s commitment to developing and supporting every member of the team is reflected in its company value “Inspire & Grow”. To optimise personal growth – or company growth – there needs to be a system in place through which progress can be tracked and reinforced. The team at Coeo use Objectives..

Data Governance: An Introduction

Data Governance is a core area that businesses need to adopt in the data-driven world. Data has been around since the earliest of times, from the first libraries in the ancient world that started to collect and store information.

Cyber Security Update: July 2021

As threat actors continue to find new and innovative ways to access environments, Microsoft move closer to the adoption of a Zero Trust security posture with layered and broad defences. They remain committed to sharing intelligence to protect the community.

Taking the AZ-900 exam? Here’s what you need to know!

In this post, we’ll be looking at Microsoft’s AZ-900 exam (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals) and, based on my own experiences, I’ll share some tips to help you gain this certification.

Machine Learning for your Business: Recommendation Engines

No-one could have predicted COVID-19 and its impact on our lives caught many of us by surprise. Businesses in different industries have been affected by the global pandemic to different extents, with hospitality, travel and retail taking the hardest hit. While it is unclear when all businesses..

Cyber Security Update: June 2021

Microsoft have claimed that the Russian hackers behind the SolarWinds campaign ("Nobelium") have escalated their attacks on U.S. federal agencies, think tanks and non-governmental organizations as part of intelligence gathering efforts on behalf of their government. This was confirmed on..

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