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Availability groups in Azure – when always on is sometimes off

You picked the cloud because of the promises around VM availability. You deployed your data platform using availability groups to achieve the highest availability possible, but now you’re seeing outages – what’s going wrong?

Podcast: Power BI Adoption and Data Governance (with Nick Anderton, M&G)

In the latest episode of the Coeo Conversations Podcast, we chat to M&G's Head of Data Services - Nick Anderton - about their approach to data governance, the challenges of data ownership in finance companies and their Power BI journey so far. 

Please wait your turn: A basic Introduction to Latches in SQL Server

Following on from my recent blog post on locking, a level deeper in the concurrency chain leads us to latches. A lot of people will have heard of them or will have seen the related waits within SQL, for example in the sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV, but, I would wager, not many people could give me a..

Who is afraid of this lovely creature called Gremlin?

Travelling in time is something humans have dreamed of and written many novels and movies about, and today I felt kind of like that - from A Space Odyssey to another 80's classic, Gremlins 😊.

Make the most out of your Azure Disks using Storage Pools

When should you use Storage Pools for your Windows VM in Azure?

If you are creating a SQL Sever failover cluster instance (FCI) in Azure, you can use Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) and configure Storage Pools to set-up the Cluster Storage.

The other main reason for using Storage Pools in Azure is ..

A Basic Overview of Locks in SQL Server

We have all heard of locks and can probably even name a few; shared or exclusive locks, for example. We notice them more when something goes wrong and we run into blocking or other performance problems, but what are locks and how do they work in SQL Server?

In this blog, I aim to give a basic..

Cyber Security Monthly News - July 2020

In July's news, Amazon confirms that its cloud computing platform, AWS, was subject to largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in recorded history back in February. The 2.3Tbps attack, which took place on 17th February, surpassed the previous record of 1.35Tbps sustained by GitHub in..

Configure Kerberos for Availability Groups

Today I want to tell you about an issue we ran into while working on one of our customers and, while it’s easy to understand when explained, it might be tricky to get done when you don’t look at the whole picture.

Taking the DP-201 Exam? Here’s what you need to know!

As a follow up to my recent post, we’ll be discussing Microsoft’s DP-201 exam (“Designing an Azure Data Solution”); the second exam and final step required in gaining the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification.

Five Cool Things You Can Do Using Partitioning

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my favourite piece of tech, which is not the latest neither sometimes the greatest, but we’ve been together for over a decade now and I still love it. That is the SQL Server engine.

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