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5 People Who Used Data to Change the World

As graduation season is fast approaching, albeit most likely virtually again this year, many computer science and software Development students will be considering their future career opportunities, and are no doubt currently knee-deep in applications. There has been no better time to seek..

Database in restoring state and single user mode? See why and how to resolve


We recently came across an interesting issue when performing some planned work for a client. In order to move the databases' data files to a different disk, we had to temporarily remove the databases from the availability group (AG) but had an issue when trying to join the..

The Chief Data Officer and Data Innovation

The chief data officer (CDO) is a new role that has been emerging over the last few years. It sprung into life with businesses realising that every business needs to utilise data to succeed in the age of digital transformation. We have spent the last few years thinking about data culture in..

The GREATEST and LEAST functions arrive in Azure SQL Database

Towards the end of 2020, Microsoft introduced two brand new TSQL functions to Azure SQL Databases; GREATEST and LEAST which joined Microsoft’s documented list of TSQL functions online this month (GREATEST and LEAST).

Predict Your Future with Azure Machine Learning

Data no longer exclusively resides in on-premises data centres, with users gaining insight via a data extract from a relational database.

Coeo Team Get Out and About for Mental Health Awareness Week

The Coeo team have been getting outside and improving their fitness and wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Cyber Security Update: May 2021

As the majority of businesses in the UK are set to reopen from the COVID-19 lockdown in the next two months, a lot of businesses have to adapt to the new working environment. Many organisations are not planning to come back to full-team and full-time work in the office and, while this is a..

Why Pronouns are Important for Businesses

In 2015, the word "They", referring to those whose gender does not fit in the "traditional" gender binary was named the word of the year. Six years on, the fight to normalise non-binary gender identities is still ongoing: so what should businesses do to address it?

Podcast: Data in Financial Services and Insurance (with James Ryder)

The financial services industry - including insurance and asset management - is undergoing a shift towards seeing data as an asset and embracing cloud technology. The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for these changes as organisations have been forced to adapt to a new way of working.

Coeo has earned the Analytics on Azure Advanced Specialization

Coeo Ltd  today announced that it has earned the Analytics on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, a validation of a partner’s capability in planning and delivering tailored analytics solutions, following Microsoft and industry best practices.

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