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The two sides of innovation: Data and DevOps

Every organisation needs to be able to innovate to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Innovation simply put “is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services” (Wikipedia).

To innovate requires..

Data Toboggan - Cool Runnings event

On Saturday 9th July 2022 the Data Toboggan - Cool Runnings event took place. This event was the 4thlarge conference since its inception in December 2020. Cool Runnings is the summer edition conference for Data Toboggan. The name was influenced by the film Cool Runnings about the Jamaican..

Learning fast: Starting small and iterating

As great as it would be, creating a data culture can’t happen in an instant. The greatest positive difference to your business will be achieved by building guardrails for data programmes, creating strategy and supporting this journey through data literacy initiatives. This can appear overwhelming,..

How do you know if your business needs to adopt a data culture?

I recently presented at SQLBits 2022 on the five steps to creating a data culture. We are helping our clients predict their future by unlocking the power of data, in doing so the organisational attitude is something I’ve experienced as a differentiator to success. When the initiative is technically..

How are different sized Asset Managers managing their data?

From my experience in the FS&I Industry over the last few years I have noticed a few similarities between the larger and the smaller asset management companies that I have encountered through my work at Coeo. The first similarity is that they are all on their transformation journey. The FS&I..

The Chief Data Officer taking a seat at the table

As data becomes embedded within business as a core asset, there are a breadth of areas that need to be managed and communicated within the business for successful adoption. Microsoft have written a white paper called Microsoft Azure: The Chief Data Officer (CDO) Seat at the Cloud Table This paper..

Azure data and analytics trends in 2021, what does Stack Overflow have to say?

We have spent much of the past year working with clients to design, implement and support an increasing number of analytics solutions to help them get the most out of their data and progress their data maturity.

Data Retail Trends and the Pandemic

The retail industry is undergoing some radical changes right now, and one of the biggest trends to come out of it has been the rise of data in retail – or rather, how retailers are collecting, using, and selling their customers’ personal data. That’s why we’re here to talk about the most important..

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