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How are different sized Asset Managers managing their data?

James Ryder

From my experience in the FS&I Industry over the last few years I have noticed a few similarities between the larger and the smaller asset management companies that I have encountered through my work at Coeo. The first similarity is that they are all on their transformation journey. The FS&I Industry is a very traditional Industry, if we look back a few years to the advent of public clouds, FS&I organisations were typically slower in adopting some of those platforms and services to other industries. However, over recent years, that is really starting to accelerate. We are now seeing organisations which are having to rapidly transform and interestingly, the pandemic has helped to act as a catalyst for that.  

Secondly, I have also noticed that all these organisations, regardless of size, really recognise data as a key differentiator, they see it as an asset. It does not sit on the balance sheet, but they see it as something that they can really use to help accelerate time-to-value for their organisation, whether that be from a revenue perspective, taking cost out of the business or managing organisational risk or regulatory risks. 


Organisations want to get closer to their clients, closer to their investments and really understand the data better.  They want to make better decisions and determine the expected returns from those investments and present that data in a rich and engaging way to their clients. This is allowing them to use the asset as a differentiator and a reason a client will go with asset manager A over asset manager B. This new way of working is driving rapid innovation and further investment in data so these organisations can try and get value out of that data to their clients. 


Looking at these similarities it is clear that the FS&I industry, whether they are big or small organisations, are starting to realise the benefits of data management and what an asset it is.  Message us at info@coeo.com to continue the conversation.

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