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Matt Collins

Matt is a Data Platform Specialist on Coeo’s Dedicated Support team.

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Three ways to profile data with Azure Databricks

Data quality is an increasingly important part of generating successful and meaningful insights for data-driven businesses. At a basic level, missing data can lead to an incomplete picture of the business situation, leading to poor decisions and stakeholders asking "what did we miss?".

Parallelising Python on Spark: Options for concurrency with Pandas

I've recently been working on an internal project to predict future disk space usage for our customers across thousands of disks. Each disk is subject to its own usage patterns and this means we need a separate machine learning model for each disk which takes historical data to predict future usage..

New Disk Space Forecasting available for Dedicated Support

Coeo's Dedicated Support clients can now benefit from our Disk Space Forecasting report via the My Coeo Portal to review their storage needs for all instances currently under support. 

Azure data and analytics trends in 2021, what does Stack Overflow have to say?

We have spent much of the past year working with clients to design, implement and support an increasing number of analytics solutions to help them get the most out of their data and progress their data maturity.

Predictive Analytics – Do you know your data?

Machine Learning has become a buzzword for companies hoping to gain insights into future trends from historical behaviours. This leads to people associating predictive analytics with elaborate algorithms and difficult models, making it a complex and ambitious goal!

Cyber Security Monthly News – December 2020

In December's update, we see further stories of Covid-related hacking attempts as worldwide vaccination gets off the ground.

How to avoid a rabbit hole while troubleshooting SQL Server performance

Performance analysis can be a tricky landscape at the best of times and looking at the performance of your SQL Server is no different. An initial glance at your recent high CPU usage can often spiral into a lengthy investigation, deviating far from the initial investigation.

In this blog I aim to..

Cyber Security Monthly News - May 2020

In May's Cyber Security news, we are flushed with stories around the current Pandemic situation. With reports of hacking, as well as addressing concerns for the impact of Coronavirus on data privacy and security, the current global situation is dominating this category of the news like many others.

Cyber Security Monthly News - November 2019

In November's news - AI is being used by both those creating and protecting against spam mail and a company discovered it had been the victim of several hacking events over a two year period after it was alerted to a storage drive being filled by an archive file left by the hacker.

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