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Building data governance into everyday processes

Dr Victoria Holt

We are always looking for something new, something to spark that imagination and that is why we are continually diving into our past, in hopes to shed light on some new innovation. AI was one of those areas where there was a resurgence from the 1940 and 50s. This resulted in some outstanding leaps forward with robotics, industrialisation and data intelligence.

The new paradigm

There is now another paradigm shift to think about, order and the quality of data required to support these huge advancements in AI and the realisation that data can bring business benefit. We have strived to bring order from the earliest time of the Babylonian census, and taxonomies of life to mapping the sky. The order and quality of data affect how advancements are made. The age-old problem of data governance has returned exacerbated by the volume of data that is collected every day.

Historically, data governance programs have been costly and lengthy to put in place for a business. The value that has been driven by these programs is often very small. Along came the new era of data governance. One that brings with it enablement for businesses to remove data silos, gain knowledge of what data exists, be able to see metrics and have dashboards clearly displaying those KPIs. With automation and cloud-enabled businesses, we know where we stand as an organisation being able to prioritise data use via valuable use cases. We all want quickly accessible data for our own areas and that has resulted in individual teams fashioning the root data how they want, often resulting in duplicate and inconsistent data across the enterprise. With a data catalogue, searchable data and ways to automatically request access data visibility is improved in the enterprise.


Introducing Microsoft Purview

There are many tools providing data governance, a newer one is Microsoft Purview, previously known as Azure Purview, which is embedded into the platform providing that much-needed integration between tools. You can read about Microsoft Purview here. Microsoft Purview works well with data governance processes that need to be built into the everyday processes. Both a tool and management solution will enable successful business growth.



You can watch me speak at PASS Data Community Summit on the business benefits of good governance virtually with live Q&A on the first day, 16th November 2022 at 9:30am PST and in a panel session on Data Governance with Microsoft Purview – Ask the Expert on Day 3 of the Summit at 9.30 PST.

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