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Troubleshooting Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution

At Coeo we make heavy use of Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution for configuring database backup, integrity check and index optimisation jobs. We use it because it’s great, and we presented on it at SQLBits last year.

The New PL-300 Power BI Exam: What Has Changed?

Getting an official Microsoft certification is an important step for anyone who works with Microsoft Power BI. While Power BI is featured in the more basic PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam, the standard exam for users of the software is DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

A Lunch at the SQL Restaurant

Welcome to Chez SQL. I will be your SQL server (ha ha)!

The Structured Joys of Objectives and Key Results

Coeo’s commitment to developing and supporting every member of the team is reflected in its company value “Inspire & Grow”. To optimise personal growth – or company growth – there needs to be a system in place through which progress can be tracked and reinforced. The team at Coeo use Objectives and..

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