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Azure Digital Transformation podcast (with Michael Brehony from Microsoft)

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The construction industry has seen some interesting use cases and case studies when it comes to the role of data. Michael Brehony, Azure Specialist – Data & AI at Microsoft, discusses sustainability as a focus area for these innovations, not just in construction but across many industries.
Companies are now starting to take more responsibility for their impact on each other and the planet. Striving for low-cost or no-cost solutions to offset the environmental or social impacts of their activities.

One example industry discussed in the podcast is construction, which is historically considered as high impact. Here the opportunity to harness IoT technologies to optimise building materials or to move to pre-fabricated, offsite, construction is being strongly considered by many organisations. Thus creating less social and environmental impact on-site.

Join Michael and Justin, Coeo's CEO, as they explore the plethora of benefits around how Azure Digital Transformation can benefit your company, regardless of the industry.

One Resource that Michael recommends for you to take a look at is Microsoft Learn. Here you can find 'hands on' resources to help you on any Microsoft topic.


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