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Podcast: Simplifying Business Processes with Power Apps

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Microsoft's Power Apps platform enables anyone to build and share low-code apps and is especially useful for automating simple business processes.

Ben Edwards - a  Data Platform Engineer​ at Coeo - explains how he used Power Apps to help a client save time and increase efficiency within their finance team.

Ben said: "Power Apps is a great way for people who aren't necessarily developers, or come from a developer background, to start working on applications. They can start building out an application quickly and... Power Apps allows them to use their business knowledge to start building products that they can share internally and deliver value.

"I think that Power Apps is a great way for people to automate tasks that come back frequently. So, if you want to automate those menial tasks that someone has to do every month or things that are paper-based, for example."

Listen to the episode below or search "Coeo" or Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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