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Podcast: Simplifying Business Processes with Power Apps

Microsoft's Power Apps platform enables anyone to build and share low-code apps and is especially useful for automating simple business processes.Ben Edwards - a  Data Platform Engineer​ at Coeo - explains how he used Power Apps to help a client save time and increase efficiency within their..

Power Apps, from idea to implementation

From time to time I get something come across my desk that is completely new to me, as was the case here. I was tasked with creating a front desk check-in app to replace the existing 3rd party product we currently use. Below I walk you through my tale and the thought processes I followed..

Transform your Business Processes with Power Apps

There are still many organisations today which rely on paper forms as a means of collecting data and record keeping. Not only is this an inefficient way of storing the information, but a large quantity of documents can be both challenging and expensive to maintain.

Power Apps can help solve this..

How Coeo sped up lead processing with PowerApps

The Coeo team decided to transform the way we process marketing leads from industry events by turning a paper-based process into a PowerApp. Big Data LDN 2019 was the perfect place to test our new system.

PowerApps Blog Series - Recursion Using a Numbers Table

This post is the first in a series I'll be doing, showing you how to achieve certain things in PowerApps that aren't immediately obvious but are very useful to enable you to create powerful, feature rich applications.

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