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David Morrison

As a senior consultant, I’m involved in both the BI and data platform side of SQL Server. I’ve worked with SQL Server for some 15 years in one way or another and have been doing BI for about 9 years. Outside work I can often be found either playing board / video games or rolling around in black pyjamas training in martial arts!
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Recent Posts

Using "With (nolock)"? Read this

Anyone that's worked with SQL for any length of time will undoubtedly have seen and heard the following

PowerApps Blog Series - Recursion Using a Numbers Table

This post is the first in a series I'll be doing, showing you how to achieve certain things in PowerApps that aren't immediately obvious but are very useful to enable you to create powerful, feature rich applications.

PowerApps – 500 Record Limit, Delegation and How to Work Around it

Update - April 2018:

PowerApps now has an experimental feature that can be turned on to increase the 500 row limit. I've not tested it with large sets but its a nice step forward.

To increase the limit, in the app developer studio (web or desktop) go to File->App Settings->Experimental Features and..

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