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Podcast: Azure Cognitive Services (with Jon Gurgul)

Coeo Conversations

Azure Cognitive Services is Microsoft's family of AI services and cognitive APIs, designed to help developers build intelligent apps. These solutions try to mimic how the human mind thinks and works.

Coeo Consultant Jon Gurgul explains the capabilities of these solutions and how we've used them to support our clients, and gives his thoughts on the future of AI.

"Some of the most interesting [problems that can be solved with Cognitive Services] are to do with vision (i.e. what you look at) and also listening," said Jon.

"For example, something gets played, it's in a different language, it gets translated on the fly... Companies can build that into their applications, they can get that tooling straight in there with very little interaction with code."

Listen to the episode below or search "Coeo" or Apple Podcasts or Spotify.




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