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Podcast: Data Platform Modernisation (with Simon Osborne)

Coeo Conversations

Coeo's Simon Osborne (Cloud, Data & AI Architect) explores the benefits of modern data platforms, how organisations can embark on their modernisation journey and the future of SQL Server as a Microsoft product.

"These days for me [a modern data platform] is about having as much of it as you can based on cloud platform. The reason for that is around the features and benefits you get from new capabilities that are delivered into the cloud platforms," said Simon.

"You get the advantage of auto-scaling and performance, so if you suddenly need more horsepower you just crank up the sliders and provision more compute etc. 

"But with that you've got the benefits of cost optimisation. Gone are the days where you would have to buy hardware to service a peak workload that then may then sit idle for 80% of the year."

Listen to the episode below or search "Coeo" or Apple Podcasts or Spotify.




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