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Learn to query SQL Server databases

Gavin Payne

I’m increasingly meeting people at data and tech community events who need to query SQL Server databases, but who don’t need to know how the database engine works, how to create databases – in fact how to do anything other than connect and retrieve data.  That can be a problem for some training materials as they want to cover everything or make you think you need to know everything.  There’s also generic SQL language training resources, but SQL Server’s SQL language, T-SQL, has some proprietary performance enhancing features which are too good to overlook.

Below then are some links to some training resources for those wanting to query SQL Server databases.





Non-Microsoft training videos, books, and blog articles obviously exist but you often have to know which you can trust before assuming everything you read is correct.

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If there’s something you need to learn that’s not covered by one of those links, then please feel free to email me gavin@coeo.com

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