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Creating an environment where people love to work

Ros Bolton

As the HR Manager at Coeo I’m often asked what it takes to create a great environment where people love to work. This question is not as straightforward as sounds because we’re all unique and motivated by different things at different times in our careers. If we get married, buy a house, have children, get divorced, win the Lottery (I wish) our motivators may change.   That got me thinking about the sort of environment at work that would endure throughout our working lives regardless of our changing circumstances; the sort of environment that we probably take for granted if we’ve got it but could demotivate us and prevent us achieving our potential if it’s missing. 

When you’re inspired by a company’s culture and values you’ll want to be part of their future. Their employee engagement will be high and their staff will recommend it as a great place to work – even when they move on to pastures new!

They’ll make a point of hand picking exactly the right people to join them because they’ll know it’s the people who make the difference.  

They’ll have lots of people who know lots of things but they won’t expect you to know everything. They’ll love drawing you into conversations about the problems they’ve solved and that together they’re awesome.   

There’s no barriers to success and no waiting in line. They’ll help you achieve your potential and reward you when you do. Career development is a way of life.

They’ll park their egos at the door; they’re not big on private offices or first class travel; fancy titles or 5* hotels. They’re good at valuing each other’s strengths, working as a team, and getting the job done.

Whether it’s passing probation or passing an exam; getting great feedback from a customer or being an unsung hero; they’ll want to make a big deal of it.   

They’ll understand that people have lives outside of work and will want to help get the balance right. Whether it’s offering breakfast to busy people on the move or giving a breathing space to sort out a family crisis; wellbeing will be at their core.

They’ll know that having fun at work is the key to creativity, innovation, productivity, and great customer service so they’ll encourage it every day and make sure there are activities that will engage everyone. 

What’s your working environment like?

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