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Coeo Session Submissions for SQLBits 2019

Raul Gonzalez

SQLBits, one of the best conferences for the Microsoft Data platform in the world, has recently closed the session submissions and the Coeo team has entered a great range of talks covering the different technologies within the Microsoft Data Platform.

Voting is still open, so please see what our team has to offer and if you want to know more do not hesitate to vote for them.

Andy Jones will show you in his session, BI in Azure - Make your life easy (easier?), the use cases for the different Azure Platform/Software as a service, so you can be confident when and why to use Data Factory, Data Lake, SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services.

In Edward Harrison's Managing 10,000 DBs on a Single Server: The Art and Science session you will learn the specific issues that running thousands of databases presents in terms of managing and maintaining an estate of that scale.

Emma Zambonini has submitted a good number of sessions:

  • Time Series Analysis for Business Forecasting - in this session you will learn how to analyse a dataset to forecast and help management in the decision making process.
  • Introduction to HiveQL - where you can learn about the HiveQL which is used to enable querying and data analysis on Hadoop.
  • ACID vs BASE - database professionals are familiar with ACID, but new unstructured database models require a new approach. You will learn about the benefits of ACID and BASE with practical examples of when you would use them
  • What is all this BI BS? - this session will try to shed some light on the BI world for those who are not very familiar, but at the end, they have to take care of those projects once they are deployed to a live environment.

David Morrison has submitted the following:


And finally Raul Gonzalez has submitted the following:

As you can see the range of topics is great and so are the presenters, some of them with years of experience presenting and several SQLBits under their belts.

If you would like to see any of these fantastic sessions, please go vote for them before it is too late!

Thanks and hope to see you @ SQLBits!

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