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Preventing Brute Force Attacks in SQL Server

SQL Server provides two different forms of authenticating the users that connect to the database server: Windows Authentication, which is the default and preferred method, and SQL Server Authentication, which needs to be explicitly enabled.

Who is afraid of this lovely creature called Gremlin?

Travelling in time is something humans have dreamed of and written many novels and movies about, and today I felt kind of like that - from A Space Odyssey to another 80's classic, Gremlins 😊.

Configure Kerberos for Availability Groups

Today I want to tell you about an issue we ran into while working on one of our customers and, while it’s easy to understand when explained, it might be tricky to get done when you don’t look at the whole picture.

Five Cool Things You Can Do Using Partitioning

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my favourite piece of tech, which is not the latest neither sometimes the greatest, but we’ve been together for over a decade now and I still love it. That is the SQL Server engine.

Creating your First Cosmos DB Database

Here we are again, I hope you’re already feeling like an astronaut or Carl Sagan exploring the Cosmos.

In my previous posts, we have seen basic concepts of No-SQL databases and how to start with Azure Cosmos DB, if you haven’t read those posts, I’d recommend you take a minute and check them.

First Steps with Cosmos DB, Building your Own Rocket

In my previous post, I talked about how No-SQL databases are different from relational ones, now I’m going to show you how to get started building your first No-SQL database using Cosmos DB.

Azure Cosmos DB: To Infinity and Beyond

One of the technologies that surprised me when I heard of it was No-SQL databases.

As a database administrator that really distressed me at first; what is no-SQL? How can a database not be a relational database? Well, it’s been a few years, but finally my eyes opened and I’m ready to embrace No-SQL.

Troubleshooting memory issues

At Coeo, we have the opportunity to deal with a wide range of problems every day and sometimes they manifest in mysterious ways.

Exploring SQL Server query plan SET options

Every time SQL Server is requested to execute a query, it needs to go through different phases to complete that request.

Coeo Session Submissions for SQLBits 2019

SQLBits, one of the best conferences for the Microsoft Data platform in the world, has recently closed the session submissions and the Coeo team has entered a great range of talks covering the different technologies within the Microsoft Data Platform.

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