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Jake Hedges

I am a Database Administrator in the Dedicated Support team, and joined Coeo in 2018 as a graduate. I enjoy working at Coeo because it allows to work at the bleeding edge of the Microsoft Data Platform and learn new skills on a daily basis, relevant to my passion for data and technology.

Recent Posts

Why Pronouns are Important for Businesses

In 2015, the word "They", referring to those whose gender does not fit in the "traditional" gender binary was named the word of the year. Six years on, the fight to normalise non-binary gender identities is still ongoing: so what should businesses do to address it?

Cyber Security Monthly News - October 2020

Many SQL Server and Windows Updates were introduced in September and early October, including the latest Cumulative Update for SQL Server 2019, which addresses the snapshot issues introduced by CU7.

Keeping Your Skills Sharp During the Pandemic

Individuals who believe their talents can be developed, as opposed to believing such talents are innate gifts, are known to have a "growth" mindset. Such people tend to achieve more than those with a "fixed" mindset because they spend less time worrying about looking smart, and more time being..

Cyber Security Monthly News – May 2019

This month, both Google and Arm have continued to scrutinise Huawei amid security concerns, and reports from MalwareBytes have shown that the WannaCry virus still presents a very real threat. Also, Critical Windows and SQL Server updates, and CTP 3.0 for SQL Server 2019 were released.

Being a Graduate at Coeo

Students in the field of Computer Science are often led to believe that the most lucrative and interesting career paths available to them are as developers, but this discounts a whole array of other roles which incorporate use of novel technologies to fix interesting problems. My passion for data..

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