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Learn with Coeo at SQL Bits

Lexi Turner

SQL Bits is a highlight of the year for European data professionals and this February's conference schedule is shaping up to be an exciting one.

We'll have plenty of our team in attendance and are Bronze sponsors of the event - we're also proud to have several of the team selected to present on the latest data platform topics. Look out for their sessions:

Friday 23rd 

09:15: Data Protection and Privacy in the world of database DevOps:

James Boother joins Redgate's Grant Fritchey for this session looking at how extending DevOps to the database lays solid foundations for data governance and compliance and giving great tools and tips for building data protection and privacy into your DevOps processes. 

15:30: Evaluating Models: Get Ready to ROC

Emma Zambonini introduces the Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) curve and explains its strengths and weaknesses in evaluating models. The sessions will then show the use of ROC curves and performance measures used in Azure Machine Learning Studio.

15:30 Introduction to PowerApps

David Morrison shows an overview of Microsoft's PowerApps development platform from both the development and deployment sides. Using plenty of demos and examples attendees will leave with a good rounded understanding of the PowerApps offering and how it could be used in their organisation.

17:00 Solving ETL Bottlenecks with SSIS Scale Out

Do you have large-scale SSIS platforms which experience bottlenecks due to the number of packages or volumes of data that need to beprocessed? Yes? Join Steph Martin as she explains what SSIS scale out is and walks through the use cases, system setup and patterns for developing your SSIS packages to get the most out of this technology. 

Saturday 24th 

09:45 tSQLt tests: Unit Test your SQL Server code and sleep better

You are responsible for writing or deploying SQL Server code, and want to avoid unleashing catastrophe in your databases. In this session Andy Jones will teach you how to install and use the tSQLt testing framework to run automated repeatable tests. You will gain an understanding of test driven development in the context of SQL Server to isolate and test the smallest unit of code. 

11:30 Hybrid Data Solutions: how to have your cake and eat it!

We live in a cloud-first world, but many organisations still run largely on-premise.  How could you start your cloud journey?  What services are easiest to deploy and how can you demonstrate value, security, control and governance? Justin Langford's session covers how some of the organisations we work with start their journey and leverage Azure data services.

12:30 Power BI Premium Embedded

Microsoft announced the retirement of Power BI Embedded and recommended that everyone migrate to Power BI Premium and embed those reports. Unfortunately the documentation on doing this is "light" to say the least. In this session James Boother will take you through a worked example from end to end so you can add Power BI to your next web project.

We hope to see you at Olympia - if you'd like to speak to us at the event, contact us to arrange a meeting.

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