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Azure Site Recovery - Disaster Recovery the easy way

Azure monthly(ish) roundup - October/November 2016

Hi, I’m Al and I’ve recently joined the expanding team at Coeo as a Cloud Consultant. My technical background is in virtualisation and the Microsoft cloud, so my blogs will mostly be about Azure and hybrid enterprise.

Two worlds, one universe

While cloud adoption is happening at a different pace in every organisation, the speed of adoption for the businesses Coeo works with is getting faster. However, they’re not all replacing all of their existing IT systems with new cloud services. Instead, many are integrating cloud services with..

Configuring the lease timeout threshold for AG's deployed in Azure

Recently we helped one of our customers with a Microsoft case in regards to a clustered AG deployed in Azure. We would regularly receive reports of the clustered nodes failing to heartbeat, and as such this would terminate the cluster service, and sometimes impact the synchronisation status of..

Browsing into the future of database platforms

Past success is no guarantee of success in the future. Database platforms, like web browsers, might be an established technology but the demands of them are likely to change more in the next two years than in the previous 25.

Databases with their own server level settings

Being a futurist, I like new features and SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database have one that’s really caught my eye!

One of our agents is missing

Despite Microsoft continuously adding functionality to it, the Azure SQL Database service has always been missing one key feature – SQL Server Agent. The reality is, it’s absent rather than missing. Platform as a Service capabilities are, and should be, promoting platform wide approaches to..

Helping applications learn with Azure Machine Learning

Analytics technologies have traditionally told users what had happened in the past using the data captured in transactional systems.  Then, predictive analytics and machine learning began giving users forecasts for the future based on what happened in the past.  Now these previously separate..

Betting against the law books

Microsoft’s recent announcement about a new format of Azure data centre in Germany suggests European organisations worry as much about the US Government accessing their data as they do hackers

SQL Server Data Files in Azure – Part 1 – Creating a database

One of the interesting new features of SQL Server 2014 was being able to place SQL Server database files directly in Azure blob containers. The purpose of this post is to walk you through setting up a database with its data and log files in Azure. In a later post I plan to test the performance..

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