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Jon is a data platform consultant at Coeo
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Azure Databricks Part 4: A Handy guide to getting your users access

In Part 3 of this blog series we briefly mentioned the two methods to access the Azure Databricks web interface, either through the "Launch Workspace" icon in the portal or via a URL. But now let's think about other users.

Azure Databricks Part 3: A Opening Configuration

In Part 3 of this blog series we will look at configuring Azure Databricks. You can read the initial installation guide in Part 2.

Backup to URL

Backup to URL was introduced in SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2 and allows backups to be taken directly to an Azure Storage Account. This post will expand on the evolving syntax when using Backup to URL and what I would consider to be best practice for Storage Account access.

If you would like a more..

Azure Databricks Part 2: A Simple Installation

In Part 2 of this blog series we will look at deploying Azure Databricks. You can read an introduction to the technology in Part 1.

Azure Databricks Part 1: A Gentle Introduction

Welcome to this series of blog posts on Azure Databricks, where we will look at how to get productive with this technology. In Part 1, as with any good series, we will start with a gentle introduction.

Simplifying key management in SQL Server by using Azure Key Vault

Implementing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Backup Encryption, Always Encrypted, Symmetric key and Asymmetric keys all require that a final secret is stored at some point which protects the encryption key(s) used to secure the data. The main difference between a symmetric and asymmetric key is..

PowerShell (PoSH) and SQL Server automation

Automating SQL Server with PowerShell

If you perform the same task more than once, you're probably asking yourself "how can I automate this?" PowerShell provides the tooling to automate monotonous tasks that require manual effort.

Getting started with PowerShell (PoSH)

This is a quick start guide to PowerShell and by the end of reading it, you should be able to be write your own scripts and explore the language confidently.

10 Considerations when designing a data platform

1. New technology

This does not mean implement every possible new feature or design methodology, but that enough knowledge is gained so that the most appropriate decisions are taken when building the foundation of a solution. Existing functionality may already be offered as part of a 3rd party..

Managed Service Accounts with SQL Server

Managed Service Accounts (MSA)

In Windows 2008 R2 onwards a new object type was created in Active Directory called msDS-ManagedServiceAccount, which is more commonly referred to as a Managed Service Account (MSA). MSAs allow for a type of Active Directory (AD) account that is automatically managed...

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