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The Chief Data Officer taking a seat at the table

As data becomes embedded within business as a core asset, there are a breadth of areas that need to be managed and communicated within the business for successful adoption. Microsoft have written a white paper called Microsoft Azure: The Chief Data Officer (CDO) Seat at the Cloud Table This paper..

A brief look at the impacts of Covid on FS&I organisations

Like many industries the FS&I Industry had to pivot to remote working very quickly. I think that a lot of organisations, not just in FS&I, surprised themselves with how quickly they were able to pivot and adapt to that new way of working in short order. This abrupt pivot has put IT on the map with..

New Disk Space Forecasting available for Dedicated Support

Coeo's Dedicated Support clients can now benefit from our Disk Space Forecasting report via the My Coeo Portal to review their storage needs for all instances currently under support.  

How to Generate your Power BI Reports with Power Automate


The pivot retailers took through the pandemic and the data battles that followed

It has been a very turbulent time for the retail industry over the last 18 months. For most bricks and mortar retailers there has had to be a massive pivot from instore shopping to online or a delivery-based service. These bricks and mortar retailers formed two camps before Covid, they either had..

Azure data and analytics trends in 2021, what does Stack Overflow have to say?

We have spent much of the past year working with clients to design, implement and support an increasing number of analytics solutions to help them get the most out of their data and progress their data maturity. 

Coeo: Great Place To Work Certified

We are extremely proud to announce that as of November 2021, Coeo has become Great Place To Work Certified. This shows a continued investment in our employees, to listen, act and improve on how we can create a better place to work.What is Great Place To Work?

Predictive Analytics – Do you know your data?

Machine Learning has become a buzzword for companies hoping to gain insights into future trends from historical behaviours. This leads to people associating predictive analytics with elaborate algorithms and difficult models, making it a complex and ambitious goal! 

Windows Active Directory Detached Cluster with SQL Server Basic Availability Group

This series will cover the following three Advanced Windows Failover Cluster Options with SQL Server AlwaysOn availability group configuration to demonstrate how they differentiate from one another and how they work.  

Four Steps to Successfully Measure your Business with Power BI

Power BI is a fantastic data visualisation tool to measure the success of your business. But how do you measure your key metrics, and what options are available to you in Power BI?

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