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Breaking the Bias - International Women's Day 2022

Julie Phillipps

Join primary speaker Julie Phillipps in conversation with Fiona Lim (alliance manager at Coeo) as they discuss breaking the bias ahead of International Women’s day! As we well know, we each have a collective responsibility to navigate our biased language, actions, and thoughts. Through this conversation, we hope to raise self-awareness and help others recognise what bias looks like in themselves and how to approach it consciously.

The thoughts expressed throughout this episode of the Coeo podcast transcend context. Bias can arise anywhere and everywhere, from the workplace to the media and even in our personal lives. When discussing the origin of the word, Fiona Lim sheds some light on the etymological meaning: “slope or angle- something that was weighted to one side.”

All of us are individually responsible for our language, actions and thoughts and should be held accountable as such. However, with a predisposed culture of judgement, how can we avoid making snap judgements based on entrenched conscious and subconscious bias? Listen in as Julie Phillipps, and Fiona Lim delve further into the meaning of bias, the different types, and the importance of recognising it in modern society.

For more information about International Women's Day, please visit their website here.




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