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Karl Grambow

I have over 19 years’ experience of working with SQL Server having, at one point or another, worked in development, administration and architecture roles. I have extensive experience of managing large estates and a particular interest in performance monitoring and troubleshooting. I have been a part of Coeo since 2012 and currently head up a team of 10 DBAs where we provide mission critical, round the clock support for Coeo’s customers.
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Superscaling Transactional Replication

Transactional Replication Performance Tips

Horizontally Partitioned Views

Slow-Running Query Due To Optimizer Timeout

Slow-Running Query Due To Optimizer Timeout

Expectations of a Remote DBA Service

Working as a Principal DBA in Coeo’s Remote DBA Team, I’m occasionally asked to talk to a prospective customer about how our team operates and to give them a technical overview of Coeo’s Remote DBA service. I’m often struck by how pleasantly surprised they are with what they hear about how we..

SCOM Won't Discover My SQL Server (Or Cluster)

In my previous post I discussed an instance where SCOM was failing to monitor the space of a SQL Server database.  In this latest post I want to bring to light an issue that was altogether more serious.

I particularly wanted to write this post because, although there are a number of possible reasons..

SCOM Thinks my SQL Server Database is Full

As a SQL Server DBA, you may be working in environment that is monitored by System Center Operations Manager. If so, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in building a monitoring platform and configuring it to ensure that the DBA team get woken up when things start (or about to start) going wrong.

Working with 30000 data files in one database – why do my log backups take so long?

Working with 30000 data files in one database – why do my log backups take so long?

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