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Making SQL sense

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We're looking for people who share our commitment to excellence in Microsoft's data platform to join us consultants working on exciting business intelligence, analytics, and SQL Server projects on-premises and in the cloud.

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Inside the Transaction Log file using fn_dblog() and fn_full_dblog()

In my previous blog post ( I explored the difference between the ‘SELECT … INTO’ and ‘INSERT … SELECT’ and referenced the fn_dblog() function as a tool that can be used to retrieve information..

Learn with Coeo at SQL Bits

SQL Bits is a highlight of the year for European data professionals and this February's conference schedule is shaping up to be an exciting one.

Securing connections to SQL Server with TLS

Following one of my earlier blog posts about Always Encrypted, I thought I'd stick with the security theme for my latest one.  With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the horizon, encrypting connections is one of the most common discussion points that comes up during customer..

Executing Packages with SSIS Scale Out

In my previous post Getting Started with SSIS Scale Out I discussed the use cases for SSIS Scale Out and how to install and configure it. In this post I'll look at how to execute packages in Scale Out, depending on your type of workload and security considerations.

Cyber Security Update - October 2017

The big news this month is the the release of SQL Server 2017 which was released on October 2nd. So if you're interested in running SQL Server on Linux, that dream has now become a reality. Since the release, a new Cumulative Update has already been released and for the first time, does not involve..

Getting Started with SSIS Scale Out

Recently I was asked what my favourite SQL Server 2017 new feature was. The answer was easy, SSIS Scale Out. This is a feature that provides a quick and easy solution to a variety of ETL problems. If your ETL processing looks like one of these scenarios, this could be for you.