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Christian Bolton

I am the Technical Director of Coeo, a co-founder, and look after the operations of the business including service delivery. I am a Microsoft Certified Architect, Microsoft Certified Master, former MVP and a technical author with a passion for Azure and its potential to transform businesses. I live in the Oxfordshire countryside with my wife and two children and am a part-time law student with The University of Law.
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Recent Posts

Certify your application for database compatibility mode, not SQL Server version

A common problem with data platform modernisation is gaining application vendor support for newer SQL Server versions, but that has been made easier since Microsoft’s change in position on the long-term use of database compatibility mode announced in 2018.

Why you don’t need a Remote DBA service

1. You’re great at hiring and retaining DBAs to support your business

Using an Azure cloud witness in your failover cluster

I’ve blogged previously about the need to configure a quorum witness on failover clusters and now with Windows Server 2016 there’s a great new quorum option – a cloud witness.

Why you should always configure a quorum witness on a failover cluster

Since Window Server 2008, the role of what we used to call the “Quorum Disk” in a Failover Cluster has changed significantly and it’s now referred to as a “witness” because its only job is to help the nodes in the cluster decide who should be running the cluster resources in the event that they..

Congratulations to Gavin Payne – Microsoft Certified Architect

Huge congratulations to Gavin who became the 6th person in the WORLD outside Microsoft to qualify as a Microsoft Certified Architect in SQL Server today.Gavin Payne - Architect Extraordinaire

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