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Why you don’t need a Remote DBA service

Christian Bolton

1. You’re great at hiring and retaining DBAs to support your business

You have the kind of data platform that DBAs love to work on, plenty of applicants to choose from, and a changing environment that keeps them engaged for many years.

2. You have enough DBAs to cover your business 24x7, 365 days a year

You might use an on-call rota or “follow the sun” support but whenever there’s a problem you’ve got an expert to work on it, so your data is available as soon as the business needs it.

3. Your monitoring platform ensures that more than 90% of DBA work is proactive

Unexpected problems are rare because you have mature tools and processes that enable your DBAs to spend nearly all their time on proactive activities to prevent problems.

These statements should ring true if your business depends on its data platform, and its availability affects your business, but it’s hard and takes a lot of work to achieve. If managing mission critical data platforms isn’t core to your business, then maybe you should talk to a company that specialises in that area to take advantage of their investments and experience.

We call our Remote DBA service Dedicated Support because it’s more than just an outsourced service, it’s an extension of our customer’s team and we manage their data platform environments as if they were our own. We charge a fixed price and our DBAs don’t get paid any extra when things go wrong so we’re all motivated to keep everything working properly – we even work with existing DBA teams to extend the coverage that they can provide, so everyone wins.

No matter who manages your data platform, don’t settle for a crappy service or the hamster wheel of fire-fighting production issues, there’s serenity in a well-managed environment which enables you to work on all those important but non-urgent activities you promised yourself you’d make time for.

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