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Congratulations to Gavin Payne – Microsoft Certified Architect

Christian Bolton

Huge congratulations to Gavin who became the 6th person in the WORLD outside Microsoft to qualify as a Microsoft Certified Architect in SQL Server today.Gavin Payne - Architect Extraordinaire

Gavin’s worked so hard for this since the start of the year and all that work culminated in a grilling 4 hour review board during the PASS summit in Seattle less than 2 weeks ago -- he received his official results last night.

To put things into perspective, there are only 25 people on the planet that are qualified to this level in SQL Server; only 6 of those don’t work for Microsoft; and 2 of those work for Coeo.

Coeo is the only partner in the UK to have an MCA in SQL Server, and now we have 2!

Well done Gavin, we’re all very proud of what you’ve achieved!

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