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Data Modelling with Power BI

So it has been a while since the GA release of PowerBI.com and Power BI Desktop Edition (for those that remember ProClarity and Panorama Desktop tools this choice of name still makes me giggle!) and I thought it about time I put the modelling capabilities of Power BI Desktop to the test. I am a..

The ever expanding SQL Server family

SQL Server isn’t just the name of Microsoft’s relationship database engine, it’s also the name on the box that now contains over a dozen Microsoft data-centric products.  Learning just how broad and deep this technology toolbox is should help stop us re-inventing the wheel - or worse, trying to..

Renewing your MCSE certification using the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft recently announced that you can renew your MCSE certification for SQL Server by taking free online Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) courses - and passing the end of module exams.  This new approach to renewal is currently available for both the MCSE data platform and business intelligence..

Storage Replication in Windows Server vNext


Should cloud services just be called...cloud services?

Ever since cloud services appeared, we’ve heard about their different types: Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service etc.  While those terms help us understand a service’s capabilities – and traditional target audience – I wonder whether those terms have now been overtaken by the pace of..

Guest blog author for Microsoft TechNet

Over the last few weeks I’ve started writing guest blog articles for the TechNet UK team, around one a month on the theme they’re promoting around that time.

Oracle pricing in Azure – who’s the target market?


Microsoft gets serious about Big Data

Everyone is talking about Big Data. What it is, how important it is and why it should be part of your strategy or roadmap. But what does it really mean? I can only talk from my experiences with various customers and what it means for them. For some it means large volumes of difficult to use data:..

Recommended Reading Around Microsoft BI Stack

I am often asked to recommend good books to help with training or as references around different areas of the MS BI stack. This blog is a list of books I have found most useful, I will look to add to this as I find new ones.

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