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Why You Should Care About Artificial Intelligence: A Bedtime Story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are everywhere; this short tale aims to demonstrate why you should care and why you should be looking into the opportunities they offer.

Is your transaction as lonely as you think? A cheat sheet for isolation levels in SQL Server

This post aims to give you a brief introduction into what isolation levels are and how they work within SQL Server. In short, they are a measure for controlling concurrency on the server.

Please wait your turn: A basic Introduction to Latches in SQL Server

Following on from my recent blog post on locking, a level deeper in the concurrency chain leads us to latches. A lot of people will have heard of them or will have seen the related waits within SQL, for example in the sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV, but, I would wager, not many people could give me a..

A Basic Overview of Locks in SQL Server

We have all heard of locks and can probably even name a few; shared or exclusive locks, for example. We notice them more when something goes wrong and we run into blocking or other performance problems, but what are locks and how do they work in SQL Server?

In this blog, I aim to give a basic..

Cyber Security Monthly News - December 2019

In December’s news, there have been multiple data leaks after companies have failed to sufficiently secure their databases, as well as further advancements in AI, with it surpassing doctors in its ability to spot breast cancer from scans. Alongside this, there have been a number of SQL updates and..

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