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Should cloud services just be called...cloud services?

Ever since cloud services appeared, we’ve heard about their different types: Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service etc.  While those terms help us understand a service’s capabilities – and traditional target audience – I wonder whether those terms have now been overtaken by the pace of..

Managing multi-vendor technology environments

At this week’s series of SQL Server community events hosted under the SQLRelay umbrella, I presented a session titled “Managing multi-vendor technology environments”.  It sounds like something large organisations have to do, which is true, but it’s now also something individual solution owners have..

SQL Server BI Edition (Licencing) now makes sense!

Under the SQL Server 2012 licencing terms running a data warehouse on the BI edition of SQL Server did not make sense if your source databases were licensed per core.

Putting compute power into easy terms for non-techies

Last week I worked with a client that wants to continue running their mission critical Point of Sales system on a server first procured in 2006 for another two years. I had a catch up with a non-technical project manager who seemed to think that server compute power wasn’t an issue because the..

Reading analyst reviews

IT vendors increasingly use reviews from analyst firms in their marketing - how should we interpret these?

Oracle pricing in Azure – who’s the target market?


Microsoft gets serious about Big Data

Everyone is talking about Big Data. What it is, how important it is and why it should be part of your strategy or roadmap. But what does it really mean? I can only talk from my experiences with various customers and what it means for them. For some it means large volumes of difficult to use data:..

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