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What if SQL Server became an open source product?


Betting against the law books

Microsoft’s recent announcement about a new format of Azure data centre in Germany suggests European organisations worry as much about the US Government accessing their data as they do hackers

Choosing the right tool for the job

I was working with a client recently when an architect expressed disdain for a particular part of the SQL Server stack. In this particular case the architect had then chosen to roll-their-own solution which they felt was better. My intention is not to comment on their particular solution but it..

When innovation outpaces rules and regulations

Now more than ever citizens, employees and leaders are ready and happy to use the digital era’s newest capabilities.  Rule makers at every level in life need to be supporting innovation rather assuming the worst and trying to stall it – or worse banning it.

How would your IT organisation spend a million pounds?

Few strategic IT improvements require large amounts of investment – instead changing the current way of working or investing differently can be where the biggest gains come from.

Making enterprise IT easier

Enterprise IT getting easier to use is a good thing.  But we have understand why to benefit fully.

Should cloud services just be called...cloud services?

Ever since cloud services appeared, we’ve heard about their different types: Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service etc.  While those terms help us understand a service’s capabilities – and traditional target audience – I wonder whether those terms have now been overtaken by the pace of..

Oracle pricing in Azure – who’s the target market?


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