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Gavin Payne

As an Architect at Coeo, I specialise in design and implementation of the Microsoft Data Platform. At Coeo, I provide advice, guidance and practical experience to customers with a desire to modernise their data platforms both on-premises and in the Cloud.

Recent Posts

Helping applications learn with Azure Machine Learning

Analytics technologies have traditionally told users what had happened in the past using the data captured in transactional systems. Then, predictive analytics and machine learning began giving users forecasts for the future based on what happened in the past. Now these previously separate..

Betting against the law books

Microsoft’s recent announcement about a new format of Azure data centre in Germany suggests European organisations worry as much about the US Government accessing their data as they do hackers

Cloud adoption vocabulary

The dream of having a single lorry turn up to move every existing IT service to the cloud isn’t going to happen.  Instead, there are several ways organisations are adopting cloud services.

Common causes of SQL Server licensing pain

SQL Server’s licensing guidelines are long and complex – yet organisations seem to suffer from the same few pain points.

The ever expanding SQL Server family

SQL Server isn’t just the name of Microsoft’s relationship database engine, it’s also the name on the box that now contains over a dozen Microsoft data-centric products. Learning just how broad and deep this technology toolbox is should help stop us re-inventing the wheel - or worse, trying to make..

Renewing your MCSE certification using the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft recently announced that you can renew your MCSE certification for SQL Server by taking free online Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) courses - and passing the end of module exams. This new approach to renewal is currently available for both the MCSE data platform and business intelligence..

When innovation outpaces rules and regulations

Now more than ever citizens, employees and leaders are ready and happy to use the digital era’s newest capabilities.  Rule makers at every level in life need to be supporting innovation rather assuming the worst and trying to stall it – or worse banning it.

Storage Replication in Windows Server vNext

How would your IT organisation spend a million pounds?

Few strategic IT improvements require large amounts of investment – instead changing the current way of working or investing differently can be where the biggest gains come from.

Making enterprise IT easier

Enterprise IT getting easier to use is a good thing.  But we have understand why to benefit fully.

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