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How to decide when to outsource (Infographic)

James Boother

Unsure about how to choose an outsourcing partner for your business? 

Coeo’s four-step process - explained in this infographic - helps managers decide when to outsource, who to partner with and how to measure success.

While the old model of outsourcing focused solely on reducing costs, modern businesses know that finding the right partner can bring in huge value beyond running a service. A supplier’s expertise can provide fresh insights and in-house teams can broaden their own knowledge through working alongside them.

Is outsourcing the right choice?

Outsourcing is ideal if your company either:

Remember: Outsourcing works best when you have clear goals in mind.

Selecting the right outsourcing partner

  • Do they have experience working on similar projects?
  • Do their company values align with yours?
  • How good are they at communicating with you?
  • Do they have the technical knowledge you require?

Setting outsourcing goals that drive value

  • Set KPIs based on your motives for engaging in the partnership
  • Agree these with your partner company
  • Agree not only on the goals, but how to measure them

Measuring the success of a partnership

  • Consider how well the partner aligns with your company and its values
  • Look at how well any issues have been dealt with
  • Meet regularly with your partner company to assess progress

Find out more

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How does a business decide when to outsource


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