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Cyber Security Update: May 2021

Daria Afanasyeva

As the majority of businesses in the UK are set to reopen from the COVID-19 lockdown in the next two months, a lot of businesses have to adapt to the new working environment. Many organisations are not planning to come back to full-team and full-time work in the office and, while this is a positive change for many, it poses new cyber security risks.

Many organisations are considering new measures of how to manage cyber security risks in such “blended” working environment. For instance, according to recent survey, three in ten businesses have a business continuity plan that covers security. And while these sometimes cover policies such as working from home and the use of personal devices for work, it is important that the extent to which these areas feature in cyber security policies should be revised and reconsidered.  

It is also important to remember, that as events shown, security hygiene and patch management are still as important as ever to protect workers from common and more sophisticated cybercriminal activity. A very good example of this is the speed at which new updates were introduced by Microsoft following some vulnerabilities that were reported last month in on-premise Exchange Servers. Therefore, introducing new updates as soon as possible is a great way to decrease the risk associated with application use. 

SQL Server Updates:

In other News: 

  • Microsoft plans to revise code-sharing program after a suspected leak led to a sprawling cyber attack against Microsoft Exchange email clients. 
  • The executives of the world’s best-known Israeli cyber mercenary company wants to step out of the shadows to speak publicly and engage with its critics. 


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