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Putting the customer at the centre of our success

James Boother

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Our customers are at the heart of what we do at Coeo. We have been using Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a key measure to make sure we continue to exceed customer expectations for over three years – this blog outlines what NPS is and how and why we use it.

NPS is a single number that measures how likely our customers are to recommend our services to someone else. It gives an idea of how, at a particular point in time, customers feel about the Coeo brand, and when you survey regularly it shows how that changes over time. With over two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using this metric, it’s proven to demonstrate customer satisfaction.

From Coeo’s point of view, this is important as it shows us whether we are providing the great service and experience we believe our customers deserve and it also gives us information on how we need to improve. One of our four company values is ‘Desire to Help’, so we want to make sure we are going above and beyond to solve customer’s data challenges.

At the end of every consulting engagement Coeo completes, we send the main customer contact a request for feedback using a survey tool called Delighted. They receive a simple email asking them to rate the likelihood of them recommending Coeo on a scale of 1-10 and allowing them to comment; Delighted then aggregates their response with others, subtracting the percentage of promoters (who score 9 and above) from the percentage of detractors (scoring 6 and below) to calculate the current NPS.

In addition, we survey our Dedicated Support  customers by asking every individual that has interacted with a support ticket, every quarter for their rating in the same manner, to ensure we know how they feel about our service and how their ratings compare to those of our consulting customers. We closely monitor feedback comments, so if a customer has a complaint or an issue one of our team members can quickly follow up and resolve this for them. We also celebrate team members that have worked on engagements where we have had glowing feedback. The combination of the scores and the qualitative feedback allow us to spot areas of our service that are particularly valued, and also address areas where things may not be working so well – this drives continuous improvement, ensuring we evolve our services to meet customer needs even as the technology everyone is using changes.

As I write, our Net Promoter Score is currently stable at 78. Recent feedback for Dedicated Support includes:

Great response from engineers and good suggestions! Not having to chase for updates and information leads to a great experience

Detailed incident information and an efficient team

The team I deal with at Coeo are knowledgeable, polite and always willing to help…They are proactive

With a rating of 50+ being deemed excellent and other similar service providers averaging around 60, we are proud to have such consistently good ratings. So next time you receive an invitation to rate our services, please respond – we strive to ensure we continue to exceed customer expectations, and that minute of your time helps us to check we are doing so.

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