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New performance insights in the Coeo Portal

Jenny Williams

Performance Insights - Server Insights

Our Dedicated Support customers can now benefit from new performance insights in the Coeo Portal. This area provides high-level performance information on servers, instances and databases. 

The Coeo Portal is exclusive to Dedicated Support customers. They use this dashboard to view their supported environments and check up on their overall performance. 

The new insights section features improved navigation, with metrics now displayed on separate graphs. Highlighting a point on one graph displays the equivalent point on all the others, making it easier to compare performance at a set point in time.

Customers are also able to filter results by disc or database, so that they can access the results that interest them the most.

The new-look metrics replace the Power BI report that we used to provide customers. The information is high-level and aggregated, and intended to give customers an overall impression of the health of their data platforms. It should not be used for performance monitoring or alerts.

If you would like more information or have a comment about the improvements, please contact your Account Manager.

The Coeo Portal is in constant development, so watch this space for more features and updates!

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