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Helping you adapt to the new normal: watch our webinar

Lisa Nicholas

As the world experiences unprecedented social distancing and lockdown, businesses are having to adapt to change faster than ever. Whilst organisations rush to change ways of working, their supporting IT platforms must be flexible enough to enable them to do so and able to support increased load.

Coeo's Simon Osborne and Kieran Sutherland have recorded an on-demand webinar, discussing how we have been able to amend our way of working to operate successfully despite the challenges of COVID-19.

We also cover the ways we are assisting customers with their data platforms in these times of difficulty, whether they are dealing with capacity gaps and furloughed staff, or changing patterns of demand through online channels.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Coeo and our customers are adapting to the new normal
  • How to optimise your data platforms for future operations, including taking advantage of auto scale and licence optimisation in Azure to flex for unpredictable demand
  • The best way to prioritise and accelerate in-flight projects, and how database design can help keep control of costs
  • How to diversify team skills and support personal development when working remotely, so your users get the most from technology investments
  • How support services can help businesses stay focused on innovation without worry about platform availability

Watch the webinar online

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