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Coeo's High Performing Platforms Round Table

Gavin Payne


In February 2017, Coeo delivered a round table on the theme of “Delivering high performance transaction processing platforms” and while that’s a bit of a mouthful, it was aimed at the owners and operators of transactional SQL Server data platforms which power their businesses.   Businesses such as mobile payment providers and gambling sites where the speed of a database transaction doesn’t just affect the end user experience but also the rate of revenue generation.  It’s these businesses that need to get the most from SQL Server’s database engine to provide the performance and scalability they need to be successful.


The sessions I delivered during the morning were:

  • Five Gears introductions, where our attendees used Coeo’s discovery process to find and discuss their biggest data platform challenges with their peers in the room.
  • Designing high performance transaction platforms, discussing how SQL Server can now handle the largest transactional and operational workloads.
  • Troubleshooting high performance transaction platforms, showing some of the technical tools and approaches to troubleshooting poor performance.

Sample Content

Below is an example of a slide I delivered in the second session:

Platform Design goals

  • Understand workload profile
    Read vs. write operations
    Large vs. small queries
    User vs. machine generated
  • Understand your platformPhysical vs. virtual vs. cloud
    Storage performance
    Software licensing model
  • Understand application architectureScale-out app tier vs. data-tier centric
    Logic written in app or data languages
    Expected pressure points during high volumes
  • Understand your expectationsSecurity and compliance


Download Content

A selection of slides from “Designing high performance transaction platforms” are available to download from here.

Most Interesting Question

The most interesting question people asked was:

  • Which enterprise edition SQL Server features are now available in standard edition? 

    The announcement by Microsoft that Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2016 bought all of the “enterprise edition programmatic features” to standard edition generated a lot of conversation for those at the round table who’d never been able to afford enterprise edition but who can now use some of its features.  There’s more information from Microsoft about this topic here.

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