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Cyber Security Monthly News - March Summary 2019

The Coeo Blog

There have been a number of notable security vulnerabilities uncovered last month including some for Chrome and Magento, while Huawei remains in the limelight:

SQL Server Updates:

Windows Updates:

March saw 133 Critical updates for Windows.

In the news

Huawei has been at the forefront of news in the past few weeks and the company has been recently criticised further for its failings in tackling previously identified security issues.

An Urgent update to Chrome was also released earlier this month to protect from a flaw that has been around for as long as Chrome has apparently and has aptly been named the Zero-Day vulnerability.

Closer to our day-to-day lives, a SQL Server injection vulnerability has been discovered with Magento and a patches have been released to deal with 37 security issues with this platform.

Meanwhile in South Korea, $19 million of cryptocurrency was stolen from Bithumb, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, by hackers.

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