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Redefining Coeo's Values

Justin Langford

The culture and values of a professional services organisation are vital in understanding fit, both internally during recruitment and in external discussion with partners and prospective customers. 

We knew when people were a "Coeo fit", but we often struggled to articulate why until in 2017 we undertook a process to define our values. Earlier this year, we put a team together to redefine those values and ensure they reflect our current way of working.

How did we redefine our values?

We started this process by asking members of the Coeo team to nominate colleagues they felt represented the existing values. Those with the most votes were asked to join a team.

The Values Team started the process by surveying the entire company about Coeo's culture. They were keen that the values they identified for Coeo not only reflected what it's like to work here, but were also highly differentiated and not so-called permission to play values. They discovered that - while the original values still held true - the missing piece was a focus on doing amazing work for our clients.

What are Coeo's Values?

Client First

Our clients treat us as an extension of their team and when they succeed, we succeed. Our goal is to help clients realise the full potential of their data and deliver a service they'll rave about.

Inspire & Grow​

We find inspiration in each other’s work and are committed to reaching ever-increasing levels of success. From those in their first job, to company directors, everyone is highly motivated to reach their full potential.

One Coeo

We place great value on spending time together and helping each other. This means working together with everyone across the business, where diverse thoughts and ideas come to life. It’s important for us to have fun and invite our families to share in our success.

Say It How It Is​

We actively encourage everyone to be open and transparent with clients and each other. This helps us learn from failure, maintain integrity and allows all individuals to make a positive contribution.

How do we live our values?

It's great to have a set of values that are well defined and reflect the organisation, but we work hard to ensure they're part of our everyday vocabulary and life at Coeo. For example, when team members recognise colleagues for carrying out outstanding work or support, they assign a value to the recognition given. This recognition is then read out to the entire organisation during our monthly all-hands meeting.

If you think these values sound like you, please check our vacancies , take a look at reviews from our team or get in touch to find out more.

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