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8 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Support

Kieran Sutherland

We know how tough the recruitment marketing for database professionals is right now. If you're concerned about downtime and want peace of mind when it comes to mission-critical data assets, our Dedicated Support team can help.

1. Reduce burnout and staff turnover

Data Platform Administrator roles are notorious for having a high turnover rate due to the demands of the job. Partnering with a managed service provider will not only reduce your team’s workload, but free them up to work on other, more rewarding projects that deliver real business value. You'll benefit more from your team's knowledge and they'll have the chance to develop their skills further.

2. Cheaper and more flexible than hiring

Partnering with a managed service provider, like Coeo, ensures you are getting some of the industry’s most experienced data platform engineers at a fraction of the cost of hiring enough resource to cover your systems 24/7. 

3. Fine-tune your databases and improve performance

Our team will continuously optimise your data platform and provide you with expert guidance. You can also access personalised performance, availability and incident information insights through our client portal at a time that suits you.

4. Retain experience

You no longer run the risk of losing key business knowledge if an employee leaves the business. In fact, newer staff can use long-standing partners to learn about past projects or legacy issues, as they have long-term experience of working with the organisation’s environments.

5. Avoid expensive disruptions

Our UK-based team provide 24/7 mission critical support for your systems with a typical incident response time of under five minutes. The Coeo team can monitor and support your environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our proprietary Azure PaaS monitoring software, which we customise to your business and operations, ensures that we never miss an alert that’s important to your business.

6. Improved customer service

Coeo's customers consistently rate our services, and we have an industry-leading stable Net Promoter Score of over 70.

7. Gain access to an experienced team

Around-the-clock immediate access to engineers with a combined experience of over 150 years. You'll gain a dedicated ‘Pod’ of engineers who have a detailed understanding of your environment, as well as your preferred operational practices.

8. Upskill your existing team

Coeo’s engineers regularly provide detailed feedback to our clients’ in-house teams, developing their understanding throughout our partnerships. Our Dedicated Support customers can also access exclusive training resources through our customer portal.


Coeo 8 reasons to use CoeoΓÇÖs Dedicated Support Service


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