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Microsoft Announces Unified Data Governance Service

Lisa Nicholas

In order for businesses to improve their resilience, they must learn to harness their data and break down the silos that prevent teams from gaining access to the information they need.

It is critical to enable these capabilities through a comprehensive data governance solution. An organization that does not know where its data is, does not know what its future will be.

And to make all this possible, Microsoft has revealed Azure Purview – a unified data governance service that helps organizations achieve a complete understanding of their data. Azure Purview helps discover all data across the organization, track lineage of data and create a business glossary wherever it is stored: on-premises, across clouds, in SaaS applications, or in Power BI.

Justin Langford, Chief Executive at Coeo, said:

"Businesses who leverage their data grow faster and are more profitable. Microsoft continues to innovate and Azure offers unmatched capability, performance and price.

"Many organisations struggle with data discovery and governance and these announcements bring a powerful and compelling solution to the Microsoft data suite. Coupled with the unified capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics this means customers can deploy scalable advanced analytics solutions quicker than ever.

"I’m really excited that 2021 will be the year of data innovation and many of our clients will drive real business change through Azure Purview and Azure Synapse Analytics."

The combination of Azure Synapse Analytics - which has now reached General Availability - and Azure Purview enables organizations to develop the capabilities needed to empower their teams to leverage all data for analytics and data governance, silo-free. 

Andrew Jones, Principal Consultant at Coeo, said:

"Never has there been more opportunities for data professionals to gain deep data insight and help the evolution of their business. Tools such as Power BI for self-service reporting, Azure Machine Learning for predictive analytics and Azure Synapse Analytics for unlocking massive datasets are all hugely popular.

"Here at Coeo, we find the companies that adopt these tools most successfully have strong data governance policies. All stakeholders have insight into critical data assets and associated metrics such as size, owner, growth, quality, retention policies and standard business terms.

"We are excited to help our customers adopt the next generation of Azure Data Governance and gain more in-depth insight to accelerate their growth and success."

Discover how your business can become more resilient through the better use of data with a free Data Governance Business Value Assessment from Coeo. Click the link below or fill out the contact form in the footer to find out more.

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