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Coeo Values

The culture and values of a professional services organisation are vital in understanding fit both internally during recruitment and in external discussion with partners and prospective customers.  We knew when people were a "Coeo fit", but we often struggled to articulate why until in 2017 we undertook a process to define our values.

How did we define our values?

We run a training program every year which we call High Potential training, known internally as HiPo.  As the knowledge of our team IS our business, and everyone has scheduled personal development time for self-study, exams and formal training is plentiful. The objective of the HiPo program is to bring together a cross-section of the consulting, support, sales and back office delivery teams and provide them additional access to Directors and external advisors to broaden their commercial awareness.  

In 2017, we set a project for the HiPo team to define the Coeo values and they set about learning how organisations define values.  The team were keen that the values they identified for Coeo reflected our culture and were highly differentiated, and not so called permission to play values.

What are Coeo's values?

Thirst For Knowledge - We constantly strive to deepen our expertise, through formal learning, peer-to-peer and self-led development activities.  From those in their first job, to company directors, everyone at Coeo is highly motivated to learn.

Desire to Help - Whether it's helping a colleague solve a difficult technical issue, resolving customer problems before they even know they are there or finding innovative new ways to do business, we are all strongly motivated by the desire to help.

Say It How It Is - Within Coeo, we actively encourage everyone to be open and transparent with customers and each other.  We believe this helps us to learn from failure and maintain integrity and allows all individuals to make a positive contribution.

Coeo United - We place great value on spending time together at Coeo. This means working together with your team or with others across the business, but also having fun, learning new things and inviting our families to share our success.

How do we live the values?

It's great to have a set of values that are well defined and reflect the organisation, but we work have to ensure they're part of our everyday vocabulary and life at Coeo.  We will launch a monthly award to recognise the individual who lCoeo United Values and Peopleives our values best.  We work hard to deliver on these values during our annual whole-company kick-off event, quarterly team business reviews and monthly beer o'clock update reviews.  Additionally, our review process includes a calibration review, which is a process to ensure we are consistent in reward and recognition across our teams.  As part of this process, we discuss each team member individually, and their alignment to Coeo values.

If you think these values sound like you, please check our vacancies , take a look at reviews from our team or get in touch to find out more.

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