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Data in Finance Roundup - May 2017

finance blog header.jpgAny organization with a significant online operation, whether a customer collection platform or consumer banking portal, needs to remain aware of the constantly shifting security environment. Not only do they have to defend against data breaches and cyber-attacks, which can affect even the largest organisations, but they also currently have regulatory change to consider in the pressing form of GDPR.

It can be hard to identify points of weakness in your technology or processes – it’s also vital that any changes remain within regulatory requirements and reduce, rather than increase, the compliance burden. Any business that is holding personal and financial data, which most do, needs to continually innovate to protect themselves from a breach. Any breach can impact, not only  reputation and customer confidence, but also puts businesses on the wrong side of the Information Commissioner’s Office and Data Protection Act.

In this May data roundup, we’ve collected the latest news and insight around finance data security. If you’d like to understand more about these topics and how the Microsoft data platform technologies can keep you compliant, leave a comment or contact us.

Process automation, data analytics, cyber security and digital transformation are the key technology investment priorities for financial services, say the CBI.

Bank customers increasingly targeted by phishing attacks as financial companies become better at detection on their systems, reports Financial Fraud Action.

As financial institutions gather more information, big data holds the key to fraud reduction.

Callcredit use technology to increase mortgage application speed without compromising data security.

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